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The Aha Moment

I realized I have almost no clue of who I am or what I want.  My aha moment? I decided to do the eHarmony Free Communication Weekend and had to spend an hour answering a questionnaire all about me.

I was overwhelmed!  It was probably the most tedious hour I’ve encountered in a LONG time.  They asked, are you this quality and are you that; what is the most important quality you want in a man; what trait do people see in you first, other than appearance.  How am I supposed to know, I felt like saying.

That’s when it hit me.  I need to be me, and I really need to set a plan to reach that point.  Combined with values I desire to live by and tools I’ve learned along the way (and will continue to learn and employ), I start my quest to be a confident and complete me, and I will start to live the life I imagined. As for eHarmony, I think it’s better to wait until I know what in the world I’m looking for!


Photo courtesy of Lefty Love

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Goals Sunday

Traditionally, Sunday is known as the day of rest.  I’m also officially dubbing it, Goals Sunday. Goals Sunday, the day of review and reaffirming.  Every Sunday I’ll look at my past week’s goals and set my intentions for the new week (and I hope you do the same!).

Goals for Next Week

  • Run four times, including a 3 miler
  • Cycle two times
  • Swim, either on my own or with the triathlon club
  • Do 1 30+ minute yoga session
  • Write down March Goals
  • Finish my life painting (more on that later!)
  • Morning Pages everyday
  • Wake up by 6am every morning
  • Finish editing my 2-18-11 wedding
  • Sign up for a wedding vendor mixer on the 7th
  • Get 1 account for my green janitorial company
  • Post a be you adventure blog everyday
  • Plan for be you adventure: how I will become me in the next year
  • Write a more elaborate About Me section for be you adventure

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Tea in Hand

The One on the Left is Mine!

I’m a girl with tea in hand.  I like being known as this (I even have a Starbucks Gold Card to prove it!).

I’ve used the same coffee traveler mug for years–I got it for free from the student union at BU while going to school.  I was sad when I broke it the other day.  A mini crisis is never fun, right?

Today I got my replacement.  It’s BPA-free, tall, easy to use, and it’s simple.  And of course, I got it at Starbucks!  I am an official tea tumbler owner, and I am getting good use out of it.

I love having items that bring joy and health in my life.  I am and forever will be with tea in hand.

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Solo Excursion

I like being alone sometimes.  There, I said it.  Coffee shops, museums, meetings.  You name it, I enjoy it.

Weekend nights are a different story.  Maybe it’s the 13 year old in me, but being alone, in public, on a Friday or Saturday night seems like the surefire way to be termed a “loser.”

I resisted this urge tonight and ventured out to a crowded mall.  Conquering Target and Barnes & Noble, I entered a massively busy Panera Bread.  I sat, sipped tea, read and wrote for 2.5 hours.  And I loved every minute of it.

If you can’t have an adventure with yourself, how can you have any adventure in your life?


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Small Joys

I have been dying to paint my nails a turquoise-y color since seeing my friend with the wonderful hue.  But I denied myself the pleasure.  No, I said, it’s too outlandish, too expensive ($5!) to waste time on.  That’s what I told myself for 3 weeks…until today.

Small joys create happiness.  My day has been extraordinaire, and all because I allowed myself to enjoy a small pleasure.

What small joy can you embrace to make this day great?

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Priorities, Priorities

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

I love the above quote.  It’s so simple in statement yet not always so simple in life.

The first step is knowing what the main thing is.  What are my priorities?

I brainstormed:

  • health
  • athletic pursuits…running, cycling, swimming, hiking, yoga
  • family
  • business and money
  • social pursuits
  • writing
  • creativity
  • learning/improvement

By keeping the above statement in mind and figuring out your priorities, you can achieve the life you desire.  What are your priorities?


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Commitment Seal

Thus far, I have been a blog slacker.  So, I decided to commit to two and a half months of writing everyday for be you adventure.  The purpose?  Because it will be fun, because it will keep me on track and get me in the habit, because it will help develop my writing voice, and because it will keep me focused on my goals and my own be you adventure.

Without further ado, here is my commitment:

I, Pia, hereby commit to writing a post everyday for be you adventure until May 1st.

Is there anything you would like to commit to?


Photo thanks to Lucky Optimist.

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the beginnings…

I love the idea of a blog.  From Tranquility du Jour, (which I have followed the longest), to Ruffled, (I’m starting a wedding videography company), I can’t get enough pleasure from quick and interesting reads.

For the longest time, I’ve been racking my brain for a blog to do.  Some were too general, some too specific.  Nothing was just right.  Then the idea for be you adventure came along.  Perfection.

be you adventure tracks my adventure of becoming uniquely me: in business, in creativity, in health, in fitness, in social, in mental. be you adventure will be a case study to success and will offer knowledge and tips for all aspiring be you adventurers.

xoxo pia

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