Goals Sunday

Traditionally, Sunday is known as the day of rest.  I’m also officially dubbing it, Goals Sunday. Goals Sunday, the day of review and reaffirming.  Every Sunday I’ll look at my past week’s goals and set my intentions for the new week (and I hope you do the same!).

Goals for Next Week

  • Run four times, including a 3 miler
  • Cycle two times
  • Swim, either on my own or with the triathlon club
  • Do 1 30+ minute yoga session
  • Write down March Goals
  • Finish my life painting (more on that later!)
  • Morning Pages everyday
  • Wake up by 6am every morning
  • Finish editing my 2-18-11 wedding
  • Sign up for a wedding vendor mixer on the 7th
  • Get 1 account for my green janitorial company
  • Post a be you adventure blog everyday
  • Plan for be you adventure: how I will become me in the next year
  • Write a more elaborate About Me section for be you adventure

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