The Aha Moment

I realized I have almost no clue of who I am or what I want.  My aha moment? I decided to do the eHarmony Free Communication Weekend and had to spend an hour answering a questionnaire all about me.

I was overwhelmed!  It was probably the most tedious hour I’ve encountered in a LONG time.  They asked, are you this quality and are you that; what is the most important quality you want in a man; what trait do people see in you first, other than appearance.  How am I supposed to know, I felt like saying.

That’s when it hit me.  I need to be me, and I really need to set a plan to reach that point.  Combined with values I desire to live by and tools I’ve learned along the way (and will continue to learn and employ), I start my quest to be a confident and complete me, and I will start to live the life I imagined. As for eHarmony, I think it’s better to wait until I know what in the world I’m looking for!


Photo courtesy of Lefty Love


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