be you adventure tracks my adventure of becoming uniquely me: in business, in creativity, in health, in fitness, in social, in mental. be you adventure will be a case study to success and will offer knowledge and tips for all aspiring be you adventurers.

About Me?

Runner, Videographer, Writer, Blogger, Reader, Cycler, Hiker, Tea Enthusiast, Organizer, Cook, Vegetarian who’s mainly Vegan, Beanie Lover, and Adventurer.

My name is Pia, and I have a wide variety of interests and passions.  Maybe this is why I’ve never found my one, true calling.

Looking back on my past, I’ve had a lot of awkward moments.  Tomboyish, with short hair and always in sweat-shorts; nerdy with braces; fat and acne filled; athletic and nerdy with acne.  Now, I’m the best version of myself.  I want to get to the next level.

Two years out of college at Boston University, having run a marathon, currently starting a business, car-less in car city San Diego and in need of money, I am soooo ready to become successful!  I feel I can do great things with my life.  I think everybody can.  I want to harness my capacity for greatness and become a business dynamo, an athletic and health dynamo, a writing dynamo and a creative dynamo.  And I want to help others do the same.

This is my journey.  Please follow along and start your own be you adventure!  Connect with me at europia8@gmail.com.  I always love making new friends 😀


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