bya goals

By March 31 2012, I will achieve the following:

*Note: some of these goals aren’t specific and therefore would be frowned upon by any goals guru.  But I have the specific in my visualizations.   And they go along with my other goals, so if I do everything, they will be a natural result.


  • weigh 130 lbs
  • toned
  • eat whole, healthy vegan foods
  • cook/prepare dinner every night
  • farmers market once a week
  • find a local farm and develop a relationship
  • meditate or Kundalini yoga 10 minutes a day


  • qualify for Boston
  • win my age division in 1 run race
  • cycle Gran Fondo (Little Italy, San Diego)
  • join San Diego Triathlon Club
  • do 1 triathlon
  • get a road bike
  • learn to surf
  • do Team in Training again
  • hike Mt. Miguel
  • camp-beach
  • camp-mountains
  • join a tennis club
  • yogini
  • Lucy in shape! (my dog)


  • learn to crochet
  • learn to sew
  • learn book binding/making journals
  • jewelry-shop for charms, etc and make 2 necklaces a month
  • jewelry-learn 1 new technique (wire working perhaps)
  • paint 1 picture a month


  • make $4,000 a month
  • get job doing event planning or at SDMA or TNT
  • Dazzle-1 wedding a week
  • Dazzle-standardized process of filming and editing
  • Dazzle-2 filming workers hire
  • Dazzle-1 editing worker hire
  • Dazzle-camera upgrade (2)
  • Dazzle-buy 1 more recorder
  • Dazzle-do 10 business films
  • Dazzle-Kripalu filming, tie in
  • Photography-sell pictures online
  • Photography-win a contest
  • Photography-get framed in 1 location
  • Jump-20 videos
  • Jump-create exercise tape
  • Jump-everything automized
  • KPB-write BU book
  • KPB-publish BU book
  • KPB-get BU book into BU bookstore
  • Global- 20 accounts
  • be able to sell creative pursuits online, website, etsy, etc


  • blog for be you adventure everyday
  • have fun with the blog and develop friendships with readers & other bloggers
  • Morning Pages everyday
  • write for at least 3 hours a day
  • write a fiction story
  • write a nonfiction book
  • get something published (self or find agent)
  • write 2 e-books
  • get 10 articles published in various means (print or online)
  • be a consistent contributor for publication or blog


  • find a friend to do races with
  • find a traveling buddy
  • find a hiking buddy
  • find a tennis buddy
  • find a camping buddy
  • find a yoga buddy
  • find a drinking buddy
  • find a writing buddy
  • have a goals/business group with 3 other people
  • go on a date at least every other week (I need it, if you know what I mean…)
  • host an event
  • start a club


  • learn photography
  • learn Dreamweaver
  • learn event planning
  • learn public speaking
  • learn to cook
  • learn to make tea
  • learn Italian
  • sign up for INN
  • go to 1 retreat


  • decorate room
  • travel to Boston every other month
  • travel to England
  • visit buddy in Northern California
  • travel to NYC
  • travel to DC

(My family value doesn’t have any goals attached because I am a family chica now.  I’m in business with my family (with Dazzle, Jump, Global, and KPB), spend a lot of time with them (like watching Murder She Wrote!) and live with them (which I plan to do until I can buy property…or become a nomad lol).

I hope you develop be you adventure goals of your own, and I would love to hear about them!  Email me at or comment through the blog 😀


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