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Planning and the Art of Productivity

I used to love using a planner when I was in school.  I remember getting this brand spanking new calender every year–to record my homework, activities and countdown days until summer.  Since high school ended, I haven’t found a planner system that really work for me…until now hopefully!

I just got a Planner Pad.  It incorporates your goals, your weekly to-dos, your daily to-dos and your appointments all in one.  It starts next week (because you can order one starting every 3 months), and I cannot wait!

What does planning have to do with productivity?  EVERYTHING!  It takes preparation to get what you want and now I’m getting that element.  It better help 😀


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Create a Life Painting

Life Painting: a painting showing the visual form of your ideal/dream life.  Can be a scene, a montage of scenes, or any way your mind allows you to represent your ideal life.

I loved the idea of creating a life painting from the first moment I heard about it .  Flash forward four years, five moves and endless hours of procrastination and I’ve finally completed it (above…the picture is horrendous I know.  My camera is so old that my phone took the picture above and turned out ten times better!).

A life painting is a great way to visualize your dream life.  First, your right brain creatively transforms a blank canvas into a masterpiece.  Next, you get to visualize your dream life every time you look at it.  It’s like magic in a paint tube.

How to begin creating your own life painting?  Draw out a rough sketch on paper. Decide what’s important to you and your future life.  Brainstorm ways to incorporate all these themes into your canvas.

And then get going!  Even if it takes you years to finish, as it took me, time will go by anyway–you might as well spend some of it transforming your future.

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How Not to Be Productive

Today was not one of my finer moments in regards to productivity.  I complied a list of the reasons why in order to motivate myself for tomorrow:

  • Failed to make a to-do list the night before.
  • Hit the snooze button on my phone 10 times this morning…
  • Dropped my pill in the trash can and spent 10 frustrating minutes looking for it (without getting it or my hand caught up in goop).
  • Watched the rain storm approaching and canceled my networking meeting.
  • Stared aimlessly at my computer.
  • Forgot a crucial paper needed to complete a major to-do.
  • Watched old episodes of Survivor.
  • Watched new episodes of Survivor.
  • Got into conversation.

Alas, tomorrow will be different!


Photo courtesy of Carol Nobrega

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Effects of Productivity

I guess I’ve gotten the idea of productivity affirmed in my mind.  Today I was given two major tasks, though neither party knew whether I was qualified or not. First, I was given like 5 million flyers to hand out for a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society race that I’m involved with.  She decided I must know a lot of people to hand them out to (HA!).  Second, I was asked to film a wedding photography company give a talk at Bridal Insider’s Studio, and I need to edit it for both party’s websites.

I must embody productivity…why else would I be given these tasks?  Because I am productivity queen this week, I will accomplish them too.  They are officially on my to-do list 😀

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The Thing is to Get the Work Done

“The thing is to get the work done.” –Dale Carnegie

Getting things done is the name of the game.  Based on your ability to do this, you define your self worth, you get praise in the form of words, money and status, and you build your life.  Why don’t we all get things done?

This week’s theme quote, above, is an ideal I hope to always embody (although as of yet, I’m not the productivity queen).  That’s where affirmations and focus come into play.  This week, instead of daydreaming and non-focus, I’m going to get the work done.

It took 5 hours at Starbucks for me to do well today.  How can you get your work done?

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Goals Sunday

Goals for Last Week

  • Run 4 times
  • Cycle 2 times
  • Swim!
  • 1 yoga session
  • Morning Pages everyday
  • Wake by 7am everyday
  • About me bya
  • 2 write sessions
  • Film 3-20-11 wedding (Wedding cancelled :(…)
  • Prep Planner Pad and blog about it (Prepped and not ready to blog until can actually use it.)
  • Pass out 50 cards for janitorial (Not fully 50, but more than previous total!)
  • Life Painting
  • Clean room (Nope…)
  • Make to-do list with everything on my mind and color code according to importance
  • Find out about and sign up for high school’s reunion dinner (Signed up!)

Goals for This Week

  • Run 4 times
  • Cycle 2 times
  • 2 yoga sessions
  • Morning Pages everyday
  • About me bya
  • 2 write sessions
  • Continue prepping Planner Pad!
  • Pass out 50 janitorial cards
  • Clean room
  • Have a downtown day
  • Finish Jump website
  • Finish Global website
  • Wednesday networking event
  • Get cubes or some organizing system for crafts
  • Start reading Quantum Touch

What are your goals for this week?

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Do It Anyway

Today did not start off great.  I woke up late, I had no clothes to wear for the not hot/not cold day, I was running late to my event.  But I went anyway and you know what?  I’m glad I did.

The trolley ride was interesting.  I saw such a motley group, including a woman who pulled out a Walkman!  I ended up 15 minutes late for the tour of Petco Park, which turned out fine because I got a private tour and a regular tour once we caught up with the group.  I made a great friend and running buddy, a possible business lead and many contacts for a potential BU group.  And I made a contact within the Padres organization (whose value could be immeasurable if we really connect over time!).

I met some great people, had fun, got to enjoy walking around downtown, met up with my friends for an afternoon out on the town, and overall had a fantastic day.  All because I did it anyway, despite not wanting to.

Even if you aren’t feeling great, do it anyway.  Trust me–you’ll be happy you did!


Photo courtesy of me!

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