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Create a Life Painting

Life Painting: a painting showing the visual form of your ideal/dream life.  Can be a scene, a montage of scenes, or any way your mind allows you to represent your ideal life.

I loved the idea of creating a life painting from the first moment I heard about it .  Flash forward four years, five moves and endless hours of procrastination and I’ve finally completed it (above…the picture is horrendous I know.  My camera is so old that my phone took the picture above and turned out ten times better!).

A life painting is a great way to visualize your dream life.  First, your right brain creatively transforms a blank canvas into a masterpiece.  Next, you get to visualize your dream life every time you look at it.  It’s like magic in a paint tube.

How to begin creating your own life painting?  Draw out a rough sketch on paper. Decide what’s important to you and your future life.  Brainstorm ways to incorporate all these themes into your canvas.

And then get going!  Even if it takes you years to finish, as it took me, time will go by anyway–you might as well spend some of it transforming your future.


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Do It Anyway

Today did not start off great.  I woke up late, I had no clothes to wear for the not hot/not cold day, I was running late to my event.  But I went anyway and you know what?  I’m glad I did.

The trolley ride was interesting.  I saw such a motley group, including a woman who pulled out a Walkman!  I ended up 15 minutes late for the tour of Petco Park, which turned out fine because I got a private tour and a regular tour once we caught up with the group.  I made a great friend and running buddy, a possible business lead and many contacts for a potential BU group.  And I made a contact within the Padres organization (whose value could be immeasurable if we really connect over time!).

I met some great people, had fun, got to enjoy walking around downtown, met up with my friends for an afternoon out on the town, and overall had a fantastic day.  All because I did it anyway, despite not wanting to.

Even if you aren’t feeling great, do it anyway.  Trust me–you’ll be happy you did!


Photo courtesy of me!

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Start a Group

After having lunch with my friend, who’s like a grandmother to me, I made a big social decision: I’m going to start a group.

I’ve been wavering for awhile whether I wanted to start an alumni club for BU in San Diego.  I contacted the school and talked to people who “managed” the minimal events we’ve had.  I never got positive feedback about helping with the already established alumni club.  Other cities have stuff going on and even have their own website…surely San Diego ought to too!

When talking with my friend Olympia today, she told me about her cousin who started a club in SD for people from his hometown in Massachusetts.  It sounded like a lot of fun.  I was instantly inspired.

My first steps:

  • go to my BU event tomorrow and collect names
  • find the dozen or so emails I already have
  • post a Craigslist ad
  • do a Facebook search for personas
  • email everyone and tell them what I want to do
  • plan a minor event in the next few weeks


Photo courtesy of Brea Lynnett

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Being Open

The goal this week?  To live under the philosophy that life is a cabaret.  My  first step today was to allow this in my life by deciding what life is a cabaret means to me.  My affirmation: Be open to people, love talking to people and love meeting people.

I think it went well.  I volunteered at the art museum, where I was told I was fun to be around (and I continued to set the stage for a great friendship with the girl I’m volunteering for).  I went to my high school to pay for a dinner I’m attending that celebrates the school’s 50 year anniversary, and I had a great discussion with my old counselor (I can’t get over how many people remembered little old me!).  I went out for sushi with my favorite girls and got the ball rolling for more activity dates in the near future.

When you live in the mentality of being open, friendly and loving, people are naturally drawn to you.  And who knows?  A few of those people may turn out to be great friends, lovers or associates!


Photo courtesy of Lupitha

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Life is a Cabaret

“What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.” –Cabaret

I like structure, and I’ve been wanting one for this blog.  Here is my first attempt. I will have a new focus each week, based on an idea, quote or lyric, to live and write by. (Of course, it will be in line with my ideal self!)

This week is almost over, true, but my theme for the last half is above.  Life is a Cabaret so why not enjoy it?  With Saint Patrick’s Day, I figured it was the perfect theme 😀

How can you make your life a Cabaret?

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Why I Love Survivor

I am a little obsessed with Survivor.  (I’m watching Season 7 as I type.)  It’s a great show, with some very motivating qualities.  Here are some reasons why it’s great:

  • It’s an adventure for all its participants.
  • You get to see people lose a lot of weight, which is something I would love to do Survivor for!
  • It’s very educational, showing ways to survive on your own.
  • It’s a real life chess game.
  • It’s exciting during challenges.
  • You get to see the interactions of strangers becoming a tribe.
  • The beautiful landscapes.
  • It’s inspiring to persevere through the hard and mundane tasks I do in my life.
  • It’s inspiring period…I want an adventure of my own!

p.s.- I wrote and typed this last night, then fell asleep before I published it…

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Make Someone Happy

“Make someone happy; Make just one someone happy; And you will be happy too.” –Jimmy Durante

Friendliness is something so easy to do, yet how often do we go out of our way to be friendly?  Giving someone a compliment, being polite, holding a door open. These are all acts of kindness that make a huge difference in the lives of the people your being friendly to.

About 2 months ago, I went out of my way to invite a girl from yoga class to coffee.  With each of our schedules, it took us until today to take each other up on the offer.  We did a body pump class (not easy!) at 24hour Fitness and got lunch. It was a lot of fun.  And you know what she told me?  She told me how nice it was that I went out of my way to become friends with her; it really made her day.

By making someone happy, I made a new friend, gym buddy and boogie board companion.  By making someone happy, I made myself happy too.

What can you do to make someone happy today?





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