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Goals Sunday

Goals for Last Week

  • Run four times, including a 3 miler
  • Cycle two times (No, but I did rollerblade once and walk twice)
  • Swim, either on my own or with the triathlon club (No… )
  • Do 1 30+ minute yoga session
  • Write down March Goals
  • Finish my life painting (No, but I’m almost done!)
  • Morning Pages everyday
  • Wake up by 6am every morning (Partially done-4 days this week I did)
  • Finish editing my 2-18-11 wedding (Will be done next week)
  • Sign up for a wedding vendor mixer on the 7th
  • Get 1 account for my green janitorial company (Want it still)
  • Post a be you adventure blog everyday
  • Plan for be you adventure: how I will become me in the next year
  • Write a more elaborate About Me section for be you adventure (Wrote but haven’t posted)

Goals for This Week

  • Run 4 times
  • Cycle 2 times
  • Swim 1 time
  • 1 30+ minute yoga session
  • Wake by 6am everyday
  • Finish life painting
  • 2 writing sessions
  • Morning Pages everyday
  • About me for be you adventure
  • Get Quantum Healing and Living Your Yoga
  • Receive and prep Planner Pad
  • Finish 2-18-11 wedding
  • Meet with 3-20-11 wedding
  • Pass out 50 cards for janitorial

What are your goals for this week?


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