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Effects of Productivity

I guess I’ve gotten the idea of productivity affirmed in my mind.  Today I was given two major tasks, though neither party knew whether I was qualified or not. First, I was given like 5 million flyers to hand out for a Leukemia & Lymphoma Society race that I’m involved with.  She decided I must know a lot of people to hand them out to (HA!).  Second, I was asked to film a wedding photography company give a talk at Bridal Insider’s Studio, and I need to edit it for both party’s websites.

I must embody productivity…why else would I be given these tasks?  Because I am productivity queen this week, I will accomplish them too.  They are officially on my to-do list 😀


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How to Stay Awake (without really trying)

*Or how I stayed up all night to do work I didn’t do during the day.

On occasion, I get inspired to pull an all-nighter to get my to-do’s done.  I was never the kid who did this in school (except for that once to finish a law class project), but nonetheless, I sometimes do…to feel productive.

Productive, I will be tonight.  Here are my tips for staying awake:

  • do not sit or lay down in bed–no matter how reassured you feel that you aren’t tired
  • sip caffeinated tea, with stevia to sweeten and awaken
  • lights are your friend–use them abundantly
  • sit in uncomfortable seats and move around often
  • have work lined up to do so there isn’t a down moment
  • eat
  • do not sit on a couch–no matter how reassured you feel that you aren’t tired
  • put upbeat music or the tv on in the background
  • dance to Electric Slide every 30 minutes
  • do not sit down on the floor with your dog–no matter how reassured you feel that you aren’t tired
  • call or text a friend–different time zones are your best bet here…
  • if doing a boring task, take a 5 minute break every 20 minutes–do not spend the 5 minutes in a comfortable seat!

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