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Desires List

Desires are what drives us.  Materials, status or experience, desires are what help propel us toward our goals.

I put together a list of my 20 material/money desires (all of which I’m desperate for!):

  1. Video Camera (Sony HDR-FX7)
  2. Photography Camera
  3. Digital Camera
  4. Matrix Energetics Level 1 and 2 Seminars in August
  5. Travel to Boston
  6. Padres Games
  7. Running Shoes
  8. Road Bike
  9. Boogie Board
  10. Tennis Club Membership
  11. Bike Lock
  12. Bureau Bed
  13. Mail Sorter and/or Shelving Units
  14. Flat Screen
  15. Comfy Chair
  16. Tattoo
  17. Pencil Skirt
  18. Forest Green Padre Hat
  19. Train to Northern California
  20. Rollerblades

What are your top desires?

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Be You Adventure Plan

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” –Proverb

If I want to become thoroughly me, I need to plan.  Plan who I want to be, how I want to design my life, and plan what I need to do in order to get there.  That’s what started today.

I went through each of my priorities, one by one, and thought about where I’d like to be by next March. It was fun–Dreaming is my favorite activity!

I wrote down the goals to become the me I know I can be.  Some of them will be a stretch (reach for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!). Some of them will require strong visualizations. All will require a commitment and a true love to achieve.  I added these goals to a separate page under the bya goals tab above.  I will update them every month, showing progress.

Of course, along the way I’ll study and explore methods to become independent, unique and successful.  Inspiration sources: blogs, books, magazines, real life experiences and interactions.

What is your be you adventure plan?


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Small Joys

I have been dying to paint my nails a turquoise-y color since seeing my friend with the wonderful hue.  But I denied myself the pleasure.  No, I said, it’s too outlandish, too expensive ($5!) to waste time on.  That’s what I told myself for 3 weeks…until today.

Small joys create happiness.  My day has been extraordinaire, and all because I allowed myself to enjoy a small pleasure.

What small joy can you embrace to make this day great?

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