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Do It Anyway

Today did not start off great.  I woke up late, I had no clothes to wear for the not hot/not cold day, I was running late to my event.  But I went anyway and you know what?  I’m glad I did.

The trolley ride was interesting.  I saw such a motley group, including a woman who pulled out a Walkman!  I ended up 15 minutes late for the tour of Petco Park, which turned out fine because I got a private tour and a regular tour once we caught up with the group.  I made a great friend and running buddy, a possible business lead and many contacts for a potential BU group.  And I made a contact within the Padres organization (whose value could be immeasurable if we really connect over time!).

I met some great people, had fun, got to enjoy walking around downtown, met up with my friends for an afternoon out on the town, and overall had a fantastic day.  All because I did it anyway, despite not wanting to.

Even if you aren’t feeling great, do it anyway.  Trust me–you’ll be happy you did!


Photo courtesy of me!


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