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Own Your Self

How do you own your self?  How do you take responsibility and pride in being uniquely you?

  1. Accept yourself
  2. Have confidence in yourself
  3. Make no apologies

How can you own your self today?


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Take Control of Your Emotions

Today was a rough day, but I’m proud of myself for two moments when I took control of my emotions and focused on the good.

Moment One: I was in a negative mood in the morning.  On the car ride to volunteer at TNT, I sang affirmations to the radio and turned my “frown” upside down.

Moment Two: After walking in on a potential job only to find someone already hired, I was pretty upset.  Instead of curling up in a ball, I applied for 5 more jobs, followed up on an interview, and emailed a potential videography client.

How can you take control of your emotions?


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Hitting the Job Trail

So I had one interview today, and I have one hopeful for a full-time position (which I’m not sure I want?).  I love working when it’s a fun environment, interesting and enriching, and I sure hope I can find something like that to add to my schedule.  I’m very hopeful for today’s interview because it’s part-time, won’t interfere with any of my volunteer shifts, weddings, meetings or classes.

We shall see!


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One Shot


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Ideal Scene

Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain is an interesting book.  All the exercises in visualization are great, and I’m writing them down in my Planner Pad to remember them all.  One in particular stood out to me today: the Ideal Scene.

Ideal Scene Exercise

  • Take a sheet of paper.  Think of one of your goals and write it on top.
  • On the next line, write Ideal Scene.
  • Describe the scene; Write down, in present tense, what your situation looks like with your goal achieved.
  • At the bottom of the page, write “This or something better is now manifesting for me.”
  • Sign your name.
  • Visualize and bask in what you just wrote.

That’s all!

What is your Ideal Scene?

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Make Your Goals Known!

Thinking about goals is fun.  What would you rather focus on: the annoying traffic, the mundane work you have to finish, or the life you imagine for yourself? The answer is obvious (and we all must make sure we focus on that obvious answer instead of wallowing in the annoying and mundane).

How to focus on goals?

Make your goals known!  Decide exactly what you want to get, do and have. Write them down.  Put your goals in a place where you’ll see them.

I just did this for my year’s goals and put them in my new Planner Pad.  I’m writing my April Goals as we speak.  If you decide exactly what you want, write it down and put it in a place where you’ll read it at least once a day, you begin the path to achieving your goals!



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Create a Life Painting

Life Painting: a painting showing the visual form of your ideal/dream life.  Can be a scene, a montage of scenes, or any way your mind allows you to represent your ideal life.

I loved the idea of creating a life painting from the first moment I heard about it .  Flash forward four years, five moves and endless hours of procrastination and I’ve finally completed it (above…the picture is horrendous I know.  My camera is so old that my phone took the picture above and turned out ten times better!).

A life painting is a great way to visualize your dream life.  First, your right brain creatively transforms a blank canvas into a masterpiece.  Next, you get to visualize your dream life every time you look at it.  It’s like magic in a paint tube.

How to begin creating your own life painting?  Draw out a rough sketch on paper. Decide what’s important to you and your future life.  Brainstorm ways to incorporate all these themes into your canvas.

And then get going!  Even if it takes you years to finish, as it took me, time will go by anyway–you might as well spend some of it transforming your future.

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