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Own Your Self

How do you own your self?  How do you take responsibility and pride in being uniquely you?

  1. Accept yourself
  2. Have confidence in yourself
  3. Make no apologies

How can you own your self today?


Photo courtesy of Dulcie


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Hitting the Job Trail

So I had one interview today, and I have one hopeful for a full-time position (which I’m not sure I want?).  I love working when it’s a fun environment, interesting and enriching, and I sure hope I can find something like that to add to my schedule.  I’m very hopeful for today’s interview because it’s part-time, won’t interfere with any of my volunteer shifts, weddings, meetings or classes.

We shall see!


Photo courtesy of Tiia

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Why I Love Survivor

I am a little obsessed with Survivor.  (I’m watching Season 7 as I type.)  It’s a great show, with some very motivating qualities.  Here are some reasons why it’s great:

  • It’s an adventure for all its participants.
  • You get to see people lose a lot of weight, which is something I would love to do Survivor for!
  • It’s very educational, showing ways to survive on your own.
  • It’s a real life chess game.
  • It’s exciting during challenges.
  • You get to see the interactions of strangers becoming a tribe.
  • The beautiful landscapes.
  • It’s inspiring to persevere through the hard and mundane tasks I do in my life.
  • It’s inspiring period…I want an adventure of my own!

p.s.- I wrote and typed this last night, then fell asleep before I published it…

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Seize the Day

“Carpe Diem.” Horace

San Diego has been beautiful the past two days and today was no different.  75 degrees, blue skies, nice breeze.

A lot of times, I take this for granted.  It’s not common to have a perfect day in the winter and in a lot of parts of the country, it’s practically impossible.  I wanted to appreciate what I have and seize the day.

How I enjoyed it:

  • a walk in Balboa Park around the beautiful architecture
  • a bike ride by the Lake
  • watching a friend’s choir practice
  • Whole Foods lunch excursion

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Volunteering and the Art of Happiness

“And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” JFK

I’ve never been a big philanthropist.  Horrible as it sounds, my past experiences with volunteering have been scattered, infrequent, and unsatisfying.

Two months ago, I decided to change that.  Where would I have fun volunteering and dedicating time to each week?  I decided upon office work at Team in Training.  I did a race with them three years ago while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and I was impressed with the organization.

My experiences with TNT have been amazing!  I’m in a great atmosphere full of wonderful people, and they are so grateful for my two hours a week.  I loved it so much, I added two hours a week to the San Diego Art Museum in the store stockroom.  Here I even found a Survivor (the show) buddy.

Try thinking of places you’d love to work or be a part of and see what you can do to volunteer.  Even if it’s just once a month, volunteering is completely worth it. Trust me, you’ll embody happiness through helping others!

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Be You Adventure Plan

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” –Proverb

If I want to become thoroughly me, I need to plan.  Plan who I want to be, how I want to design my life, and plan what I need to do in order to get there.  That’s what started today.

I went through each of my priorities, one by one, and thought about where I’d like to be by next March. It was fun–Dreaming is my favorite activity!

I wrote down the goals to become the me I know I can be.  Some of them will be a stretch (reach for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!). Some of them will require strong visualizations. All will require a commitment and a true love to achieve.  I added these goals to a separate page under the bya goals tab above.  I will update them every month, showing progress.

Of course, along the way I’ll study and explore methods to become independent, unique and successful.  Inspiration sources: blogs, books, magazines, real life experiences and interactions.

What is your be you adventure plan?


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Tea in Hand

The One on the Left is Mine!

I’m a girl with tea in hand.  I like being known as this (I even have a Starbucks Gold Card to prove it!).

I’ve used the same coffee traveler mug for years–I got it for free from the student union at BU while going to school.  I was sad when I broke it the other day.  A mini crisis is never fun, right?

Today I got my replacement.  It’s BPA-free, tall, easy to use, and it’s simple.  And of course, I got it at Starbucks!  I am an official tea tumbler owner, and I am getting good use out of it.

I love having items that bring joy and health in my life.  I am and forever will be with tea in hand.

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