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Planning and the Art of Productivity

I used to love using a planner when I was in school.  I remember getting this brand spanking new calender every year–to record my homework, activities and countdown days until summer.  Since high school ended, I haven’t found a planner system that really work for me…until now hopefully!

I just got a Planner Pad.  It incorporates your goals, your weekly to-dos, your daily to-dos and your appointments all in one.  It starts next week (because you can order one starting every 3 months), and I cannot wait!

What does planning have to do with productivity?  EVERYTHING!  It takes preparation to get what you want and now I’m getting that element.  It better help 😀


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The Thing is to Get the Work Done

“The thing is to get the work done.” –Dale Carnegie

Getting things done is the name of the game.  Based on your ability to do this, you define your self worth, you get praise in the form of words, money and status, and you build your life.  Why don’t we all get things done?

This week’s theme quote, above, is an ideal I hope to always embody (although as of yet, I’m not the productivity queen).  That’s where affirmations and focus come into play.  This week, instead of daydreaming and non-focus, I’m going to get the work done.

It took 5 hours at Starbucks for me to do well today.  How can you get your work done?

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How to Stay Awake (without really trying)

*Or how I stayed up all night to do work I didn’t do during the day.

On occasion, I get inspired to pull an all-nighter to get my to-do’s done.  I was never the kid who did this in school (except for that once to finish a law class project), but nonetheless, I sometimes do…to feel productive.

Productive, I will be tonight.  Here are my tips for staying awake:

  • do not sit or lay down in bed–no matter how reassured you feel that you aren’t tired
  • sip caffeinated tea, with stevia to sweeten and awaken
  • lights are your friend–use them abundantly
  • sit in uncomfortable seats and move around often
  • have work lined up to do so there isn’t a down moment
  • eat
  • do not sit on a couch–no matter how reassured you feel that you aren’t tired
  • put upbeat music or the tv on in the background
  • dance to Electric Slide every 30 minutes
  • do not sit down on the floor with your dog–no matter how reassured you feel that you aren’t tired
  • call or text a friend–different time zones are your best bet here…
  • if doing a boring task, take a 5 minute break every 20 minutes–do not spend the 5 minutes in a comfortable seat!

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