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Giving It Up for Lent

Lent is the traditional 40 day period of preparation and prayer leading up to the week of the Resurrection of Christ.  It’s known in the modern world for giving up something in order to show your commitment and understanding of Christ and God.

Am I Catholic?  No…technically not, but I’m Italian and I find it fun to partake in different religious customs.

It took me a long time to decide what to give up for Lent.  I wanted something good, but I wanted something specific and noteworthy.  My original “stop overeating” thought didn’t quite fit this match. Finally I decided: I will give up soy.  I read it contributes to skin ailments and since my skin isn’t perfect, I wanted to try giving it up.

As I sit here sipping my Starbucks soy coffee frap, I’m resolute in my decision…and I hope my skin is for the better come Easter!


Photo courtesy of imaan


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