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Being Open

The goal this week?  To live under the philosophy that life is a cabaret.  My  first step today was to allow this in my life by deciding what life is a cabaret means to me.  My affirmation: Be open to people, love talking to people and love meeting people.

I think it went well.  I volunteered at the art museum, where I was told I was fun to be around (and I continued to set the stage for a great friendship with the girl I’m volunteering for).  I went to my high school to pay for a dinner I’m attending that celebrates the school’s 50 year anniversary, and I had a great discussion with my old counselor (I can’t get over how many people remembered little old me!).  I went out for sushi with my favorite girls and got the ball rolling for more activity dates in the near future.

When you live in the mentality of being open, friendly and loving, people are naturally drawn to you.  And who knows?  A few of those people may turn out to be great friends, lovers or associates!


Photo courtesy of Lupitha


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Life is a Cabaret

“What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret.” –Cabaret

I like structure, and I’ve been wanting one for this blog.  Here is my first attempt. I will have a new focus each week, based on an idea, quote or lyric, to live and write by. (Of course, it will be in line with my ideal self!)

This week is almost over, true, but my theme for the last half is above.  Life is a Cabaret so why not enjoy it?  With Saint Patrick’s Day, I figured it was the perfect theme 😀

How can you make your life a Cabaret?

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