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Start a Group

After having lunch with my friend, who’s like a grandmother to me, I made a big social decision: I’m going to start a group.

I’ve been wavering for awhile whether I wanted to start an alumni club for BU in San Diego.  I contacted the school and talked to people who “managed” the minimal events we’ve had.  I never got positive feedback about helping with the already established alumni club.  Other cities have stuff going on and even have their own website…surely San Diego ought to too!

When talking with my friend Olympia today, she told me about her cousin who started a club in SD for people from his hometown in Massachusetts.  It sounded like a lot of fun.  I was instantly inspired.

My first steps:

  • go to my BU event tomorrow and collect names
  • find the dozen or so emails I already have
  • post a Craigslist ad
  • do a Facebook search for personas
  • email everyone and tell them what I want to do
  • plan a minor event in the next few weeks


Photo courtesy of Brea Lynnett


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